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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: December 03, 2020

Which grades does the school cater for?

We are accepting students entering primary school Grades 1–4 for the 2021 academic year. We plan to accept those entering Grades 1–5 for AY2022, and entering Grades 1–6 for AY2023.

What is the student capacity for each grade?

Each grade has a capacity of 24 students.

What is your maximum class size?

Classes are limited to 16 students each.

What is your Japanese/non-Japanese student ratio?

Going forward, we aim to have a ratio of 1:1 after we fill all six grade levels.

What is your tuition?

Tuition is ¥4,600,000 and room & board is ¥1,400,000, per year. Certain other fees are also required.

What is your screening process?

Our assessments involve a review of the documentation submitted, an interview with the parents and child, and observation of the child’s engagement in a range of activities.

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes, we accept transfer students, provided that they meet the English proficiency requirements for their grade.

What level of English proficiency does my child need to have?

There are no specific preparatory requirements for English proficiency at the time of application. After being accepted, however, children whose proficiency is lacking are expected to take a JINIS-recommended English study program prior to enrollment.

What is your male/female student ratio?

We seek to maintain a ratio of 1:1.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. When we announce the admissions results for each year, we will notify eligible candidates who were not admitted of their placement on the waiting list. If a vacancy becomes available in a particular grade, the position will be offered to the candidate at the top of the waiting list for that grade.

Do parents need to be fluent in Japanese?

All written notifications that the school sends to parents are composed in both Japanese and English, so there is no need for parents to be fluent in Japanese if they speak English.

What fees are charged in addition to tuition and room & board?

In addition to tuition and room & board, parents also need to bear miscellaneous costs such as personal allowances suggested for each grade, weekend excursions (including food/drinks), private lessons, clothing (uniforms and regular wear), school trips, and so on.

What educational opportunities are available after graduation?

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to advance to higher boarding schools in Europe and North America, so the main option is for graduates to go on to such schools. However, since JINIS is a MEXT-approved school, graduates also have the option of advancing to public or private junior high schools in Japan.

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