Nurturing friendships
and fostering the courage
to embrace the future

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Jinseki International School
On-Site Briefing

Take a tour of Japan’s premier European-Style Boarding School

Japan’s new boarding school for primary school to open in April 2020!

Next Educational Environment Development (NEED) will open Japan’s first MEXT-accredited international boarding school for primary school pupils in April 2020. Attracting talented children from Japan and foreign countries, the school will provide a Japanese-English, dual-language, multicultural, educational environment.
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Information on the
Jinseki International School On-Site Briefing

We will hold a briefing at our school’s construction site in Jinsekikōgen-chō, Hiroshima Prefecture for families who are considering enrolling their child(ren) in Jinseki International School, which is scheduled to open in 2020. We would like to have family members get a feel of the environment around the school in Jinsekikogen-cho, and we will explain what we wish to convey including the educational philosophy of Jinseki International School. See the details here

A town where children from all around the world can run about

We chose Jinseki Kogen as a fitting environment for cultivating the five senses of children.

Jinseki Kogen is nestled in the Chugoku Mountains, the setting of many Japanese myths, and is surrounded by rich nature. Children can experience the beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and mountainous scenery throughout the four seasons.

Jinseki International School is designing a 24-hour learning environment for children in the form of a boarding school that provides primary education, and which will serve as the foundation of their schooling.

Young children who have gathered from all over the world will experience stress-free learning while closely interacting with adults as well. This environment will also cultivate their communication skills and consideration for others.

Our goal

Education Philosophy

Nurturing friendships and fostering the courage to embrace the future

Basics of Education

Nurturing five abilities in children

  • to use the five senses
  • to learn and explore what they are curious about
  • to express and communicate their own ideas
  • to accept and appreciate diversity
  • to believe in and respect the people around them

Jinseki International School
Features Outline

  • 01

    An environment that celebrates diversity

    Classes in both English and Japanese

  • 02

    An environment to learn the language and history of Japan

    Japanese language and history classes by native speakers

  • 03

    An environment that satisfies the curiosity of children

    Availability of experts who will support the curiosity and talents of individual pupils

  • 04

    An environment in which pupils can feel as comfortable as they do at home

    Residence with caring education professionals

  • 05

    An environment that teaches appropriate conduct and manners for an international setting

    Extensive education to cultivate an international mindset in a boarding environment

Upon graduation, pupils will possess the English language and communication skills necessary to enter not only public or state secondary schools in Japan, but also English-language boarding schools anywhere in the world.

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