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In just 20 days, JINIS will open its doors to our pupils and parents offering the first international junior boarding experience in Japan. From April 6th we seek to grow the hearts and minds of our school community and, importantly, offer fun and friendship along the way. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu) certainly resonates with us at this time. April represents the single step we take together on a journey that will last beyond our lifetimes.

When looking to the future of JINIS we must seek things that will last the test of time and take the school forward. Firstly, we must always be guided by our JINIS vision ‘to offer the passion, skills and personal qualities to make a positive contribution in the world.’ This will be the compass that guides us on our journey. Secondly, our JINIS values will act as the foundations from which we must grow. These are the qualities by which we all stand and make an unbreakable culture in our school. We seek in ourselves and each other:

ENDEAVOUR – To ensure our children strive to offer their best effort and attitude in all they to and an appreciation that through endeavour comes success.

RESPONSIBILITY – To develop in our community the sense of being accountable for their actions. For our pupils to respect and celebrate diversity.

INTEGRITY – To instill in our children the highest moral values and personal qualities that last a lifetime: To promote and develop open, confident yet humble pupils who can express their thoughts and ideas.

COURAGE – To challenge and nurture our pupils towards open minds, open hearts and a great love for life. To nurture a lifelong passion for learning new challenges.

Through the above I hope above all else JINIS remains a place of endless potential where memories made, friendships are forged and where our pupils are filled with a sense of adventure that will last them a lifetime.

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