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Uniform introduction

“Dear World leaders to be”


This is for children who will play active roles in the future, so I imagined a uniform that would serve as a symbol of freedom and diversity in school life in a wonderful international environment.
For future leaders, with all my heart …

Fashion Designer Tae Ashida

image uniform
tae ashida

Attended high school at Le Rosey in Switzerland, and university at Rhode Island School of Design in America.
1991 Debut collection as a designer
2010 Designed an in-flight uniform that was worn in space by astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, the first time for a designer’s creation to be worn in space.
2012 Award the Special Prize by FECJ(Fashion Editor’s Club of Japan)
2013 Commenced the design and technical assistance in the production of “MINA-TAN CHARM”, an initiative to aid reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2019 Starting Men’s Collection

As a designer in the most prestigious fashion house in Japan, Tae Ashida is actively engaged in providing elegant modern design of the highest quality to a wide range of customers, including members of the imperial Family.

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