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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 11/05/2019

When will the school open?

Our planned opening date is 04/06/2020

Which grades will the school have?

We plan to accept primary school pupils in grades 1 – 6

Which grade will you open in 2020 (first year)?

We will soon announce the application guidelines, but we are preparing to recruit not only first graders but multiple grades.

What will your total capacity be?

This is to be announced but, we plan to have approximately 24 students in each of 6 grades, making a total of 144students.

What is your year group size?

We plan to have 24 students per grade level

What is your curriculum?

Our curriculum follows the guidelines of the Japanese MEXT School Article One guidelines through the UK National Curriculum.

What type of English will be used for instruction?

This will be based on British English but with plenty of attention paid to US English and others.

What is your Japanese : Non-Japanese student ratio?

At the stage when all the students have gathered, the percentage of students will be 50% of students who do not speak Japanese as their native language.

What are your tuition fees?

This will be announced in July when application procedures are finalised

What is your screening process?

We will assess children's key social attributes as well as their academic potential to access the curriculum.

What will the graduation month be ?

There will be Graduation Ceremony in the March to mark the completion of grade 6.

When will your school terms be?

There will be three main terms (with mid term breaks to be confirmed).

When will your school breaks be?

There will be as well as summer, autumn, winter and spring breaks.

Is the school full boarding?

We expect children to stay at school throughout the term but there will be Open Weekends.

Are the school boarding houses next to the school?

They are situated on the school site.

How many pupils will there be in each boarding house?

8 Students per house, under the care of House Parents.

Is the accommodation included in tuition fee?

The school tuition fees include all food and residential provision.

Can students go home at weekends?

We expect children will spend a majority of weekends at the school but with the opportunity for Open Weekends.

When can parents visit their child?

Parents are welcome to visit school at any time but we recommend that visits are carefully planned so as not to disrupt their child's routines.

Is there any support for mother tongue besides English and Japanese?

Language classes and history classes are handled by mother tongue native teachers. Support teachers/parallel classes are available for additional language learners.

Is there the system of transfer over ?

Transfer is accepted at any time.

Where will the children go after graduation?

We expect our graduates to attend premium international schools either in Japan or abroad.

Do you have relationships with possible future schools?

We will give full support and guidance to support families with their children's educational journey after leaving Jinseki. We are already beginning to make links with other schools

Will your teachers be qualified/licensed?

All teachers will be fully qualified with a recognised teaching degree from their home country.

※For questions other than the above, please contact us using the contact form email form.

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