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Dormitory staff position

General description

All pupils live in dormitory accommodation. This is to provide a setting to help young people from around the world to acquire communication skills and develop consideration for others through close contact with adults in a stress-free learning environment. Successful applicants will live in as house parents, occupying accommodation adjacent to the living space of the children in the same building. They will also be the chief point of contact with the children’s parents on matters relating to their daily life.

Specifically, they will:

  • assist with everyday living from the time classes end until bedtime and from the time pupils rise in the morning to the start of classes (meal preparation, cleaning and laundry are handled by specialist staff).
  • plan and manage dormitory events.
  • communicate information to parents about how their children are faring at school and in the dormitory.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Capable of living at the school either as a married couple or as an individual.
  2. Has a primary school teaching license, kindergarten teaching license or childcare certificate (required by at least one of the two spouses in the case of married couples).
  3. Has a good understanding of global education.
  4. Identifies with the school’s philosophy and can bring passion to the job.
  5. Has everyday English conversation ability.
  6. Has basic knowledge of how to use a PC.

Working hours

Split work shift (during school term) Start: 6:00PM End: 9:00AM next day
At other times Start: 8:00AM End: 5:00PM
※2020 academic year holidays Summer: June 27 – September 8, Winter: December 19 – January 10, Spring: March 20 – March 31


Annual salary (to be determined based on experience, age, previous salary)

Employee benefits

The benefits package includes a housing allowance, meal allowance and assistance with fees for employee children attending Jinseki School.

How to apply

Complete and send the form below. We will contact you within a few days.

Application Form

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