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Jinseki International School On-Site Briefings

We will hold a number of briefings at our school’s construction site in Jinsekikōgen-chō, Hiroshima Prefecture for families who are considering enrolling their child(ren) at Jinseki International School, which is scheduled to open in 2020.
We would like family members to get a feel for the environment around the school in Jinsekikogen-cho, and most importantly, the educational philosophy of Jinseki International School.

Venue: Jinseki International School

5090 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikōgen-chō, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture 720-1603

What age children is Jinseki for?

For children currently in the third/final year of kindergarten/nursery and the first or second grade of elementary school (2019-2020)

Briefing dates in 2019:

  1. (1)September 21
  2. (2)September 22
  3. (3)September 23
  4. (4)September 28
  5. (5)September 29
  6. (6)October 12
  7. (7)October 13
  8. (8)October 14
  9. (9)October 19
  10. (10)October 26
  11. (11)October 27
  12. (12)November 2
  13. (13)November 3

※We will inform families immediately of any changes.

Maximum: three (3) families per day


9:00 Meeting and check-in at Jinseki International School main building
Briefing: school curriculum, philosophy and ethos
Tour of school facilities (including dormitory area), and of surrounding areas (riding stables, golf course, etc.) by private bus
Q & A session
12:00 End of briefing / participants free to leave
  • * We welcome participation by any family members including grandparents and siblings.
  • * Briefings for potential teaching personnel will be held separately; those interested should wait for further details.
  • * For accommodation, we recommend Jinseki Kōgen Hotel. Please contact directly to make a reservation.In addition, please refer to a hotel for the pickup directly.
    (JINSEKI KOGEN Hotel. Tel:0847-85-3000 http://www.jinsekikogen.jp/)

Jinseki International School Planning Office
5090 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikōgen-chō, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture 720-1603

Tokyo Office:
Ichibanchō Daini TG Bldg. 2F, 2-22 Ichiban-chō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082


  • pre-registration
  • information on faculty recruitment