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A new type of school in Japan

A school for the world children live in, giving them the skills and knowledge they will need.

When my young son was growing up, I always asked myself if I was lessening his potential – along with the many, many other questions that all parents ask. The truth is that there is no training for parenthood and we only learn to be parents through experience and as we engage with our children. But there are also specialists who can help us bring up our children.

It was for this reason that I took the decision to send my only son to a boarding school overseas when he was eight years old. It was difficult then to live apart from my child, and it still is. But I learned many things as a parent as a result.

My child now has the strength of character to live in a world unknown to me. This has taught me first-hand that entrusting my child to educational professionals was the right option.

In Europe, there are boarding schools for primary school children during the week. Parents entrust their children’s studies, discipline and well-being to professional instructors. And the time spent with family during the vacations is full of freedom and love.

What is more, at international boarding schools in Switzerland, for example, the school becomes a “second family” seven days a week, and education professionals watch over and guide pupils from all over the world 24 hours a day, including at the weekend.

The school provides specialised teachers in areas where children show interest, such as music and sport. There are also extracurricular activities including weekend volunteering, outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing, and excursions. Boarding schools provide a range of opportunities and experiences that a household simply cannot match.

Taking into account the approach of European boarding schools that date back well over a century, my own personal experience, as well as the self-reliance and potential of children, I feel that the option of entrusting them to professionals should be available to more people.

My ambition is that both children and parents in Japan will come to see boarding schools as a new option and a genuine alternative. It is for this reason that I have created Next Educational Environment Development.

Ultimately, it is because I believe that children’s potential far exceeds our imagination and expectations.

The inspiration behind the Jinseki International School logo is the joyful movement of five lively children. It reflects the five key elements of an educational philosophy which enables pupils:

  1. to use the five senses
  2. to learn and explore what they are curious about
  3. to express and communicate their own ideas
  4. to accept and appreciate diversity
  5. to believe in and respect the people around them