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The setting

A place where children from all over the world can feel free

We chose Jinseki Kogen as a fitting environment for cultivating the five senses

Jinseki Kogen is nestled in the Chugoku Mountains, the setting for many Japanese myths. In the midst of this exceptional and unspoilt environment, children can experience the beauties of waterfalls, rivers, and mountain scenery for the four seasons of the year.
The location is also a source of the safe and healthy food that is so beneficial for growing children; from the land come highland vegetables and livestock and the Seto Inland Sea provides a marvellous stock of seafood.

Near the school

Located to the south, is the Ohama Seapark where children can enjoy the white-sand beach that looks onto the calm Setouchi inland sea. To the north, the Nekoyama ski resort caters for all levels of ability – from beginner to advanced – with a ski season that lasts from December to March.

The city of Hiroshima, 90 minutes to the west, has two world heritage sites: the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the centre of the city, and nearby, the world heritage site of Miyajima, one of the “Three Great Views of Japan”. Hiroshima is a flourishing city, boasting a professional orchestra, the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, professional sports teams such as the renowned Japanese baseball team, the “Hiroshima Toyo Carp” and the Sanfrecce Hiroshima soccer team, as well as many museums and art galleries housing masterpieces which range from the French Renaissance to Modern Art.


OHAMA SEA PARK 90 minutes by car

写真:Snow Resort NEKOYAMA

NEKOYAMA skiing resort60 minutes by car

写真:Jinseki Kogen Country Club

Jinseki Kogen Country Club5 minutes by car

写真:Jinseki Kogen Hotel

Jinseki Kogen Hotel5 minutes by car

写真:Kohshinji Temple

Kohshinji Temple15 minutes by car


Miyajima180 minutes by car

写真:Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra

Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra120 minutes by car


Hiroshima Toyo Carp120minutes by car


Sanfrecce Hiroshima180minutes by car

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