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【Admissions Overview】

As an international school, JINIS accepts children all year round and appreciates the individual circumstances of each child. Whilst there are some children who start and leave at different times over the year, the main school intake occurs in September and April.

【Grades for Entry】

JINIS currently accepts children for Grades 1-3 and Grade 4 from April 2021. Each year we will add an additional Grade as the school grows. Entry at Grade one is strongly encouraged as this enables the child to start their JINIS journey at the start and also offers parents more opportunity for entry as more spaces are available.
Please note that we also have pre-entry lists for younger children seeking entry to the school in the future.

For more information, please visit:

【Summer Tours 2020】

We would encourage families interested in our school to arrange a tour of the school during the month of June and we currently offer tours at either 11am to 1.00 pm or 1pm to 3.00pm.


We process most applications for September in April/ May /June and for April in September/ October/ November, but parents are encouraged to apply / enquire about availability at their earliest convenience throughout the year as spaces are usually limited. An application for a school tour or assessment can be made online or through
In some cases, where time is limited or a follow up visit is difficult, the school visit and the assessment can be held at the same time. Please inform us if this is your wish.

【Pupil Assessments】

We make every effort to make school assessments as stress free as possible for your child. Where possible, we ask the prospective students to join the school for 2 hours in class or to do activities with the other children. This gives us an opportunity to see each child’s social and academic ability and potential in a natural context.
We would aim for this assessment to take place at 11 am -1pm (and include lunch) or 1pm to 3pm (and include afternoon snack).

【Selection Criteria】

We select children based on a wide range of criteria in order to maintain a balance within the school. Such considerations include gender, nationality, academic ability and social skills.

【Parent Meeting】

An important part of our selection process is also our parent meeting. This offers parents an opportunity to share with the school their expectations and intentions for their child and the Head/ Chair of the Board to gauge if families fit and would be supportive of the school’s philosophy.

【Final Decision】

Parents will be informed either:

  1. 1) The applying child has been accepted
  2. 2) The applying child has been accepted and placed on a waiting list until a space becomes available
  3. 3) Their child has not been accepted.

The school will not offer feedback on any admission decision. There is no right to appeal.

【Waiting Lists】

Pupils placed on the waiting list will be informed as soon as a place comes available. The school, by nature of its pupils, cannot predict when this will be.

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