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A lot has certainly happened in the world since my last blog. We have seen a pandemic nobody would have thought possible touching almost every corner of the globe. In Japan, we have seen the country transform from pre-Olympic preparation to a countrywide state of emergency in just a few weeks. In the hills of Hiroshima, we have perhaps been a little guilty of a false sense of security over this last month. However, such is COVID 19, that we too now find the need in this region to strictly adhere to the rules set in place to keep us all safe.


There have certainly been easier times to open a school but given the current climate, JINIS  enjoyed a very successful opening earlier this month. We remain fully operational in our ‘Noah’s Arc’ closed boarding environment with our pupils settled, happy and very well cared for. The likelihood is that we will all be here almost exclusively on-site until the end of June; the reality is whatever happens that we will work hard and continue to create special moments and memories. Our new staff team individually and collectively offer a great blend of commitment, professionalism, care and skill. Our parents have remained nothing but supportive as we continue forging relationships that best support their children at the start of their journey with us.

The first few weeks of every new school offer a severe test of its early character and organisation. Situations present themselves to test if recruitment is strong and systems are robust and effective. JINIS is certainly no different and I am delighted with how we have fared. On reflection of our first month, time spent with staff on defining our school values to be Endeavour, Responsibility, Integrity and Courage was time fabulously well spent. These qualities are evident each day and are developing in our pupils. All reflect what we are about and will serve this school well going forward. Not coincidentally, such qualities are also proving invaluable traits for collective steadfastness in global society at this time.

I hope when COVID finally passes, that as a school we will be just a little more appreciative of the important things in life and those amazing people around us in the wider world showing such selflessness in helping others at this time.

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