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As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day but forged to last. All great achievements, whether human or physical, are built on a clear vision, excellent foundations and well-executed plans. The systems in place ensure that the standards are maintained and expansion or change can be sustained. Starting up new schools, in my experience, are certainly no different in this regard.

Whether it be a meeting regarding architects or uniforms or recruitment or catering, preparation is key and decisions are made with half an eye on what may lie ahead. Managing each individual mini project is a wonderful test of one’s skills (and sanity!) to really dig down into how each facet of a school operates. For the team, it requires drawing on past experiences, embracing current thinking and grasping the opportunity to set in place 21st-century learning.

My first few weeks at JINIS have both challenged and enlightened. The potential of this groundbreaking school is all-absorbing and quite extraordinary. The uniqueness of our curriculum, surroundings and facilities will offer students both experiences and opportunities that will stay with them for life. The huge responsibility of harnessing this potential and making it a reality is not lost on any of the JINIS team here.

When April comes and we are all a little wiser (and probably a little greyer), many will judge the school on its spectacular buildings and wonderful learning environment. There may be back-slapping, excitement and no doubt a few well-deserved congratulations to the team. What must not be lost, is that our success should not be judged in the moment but over the years to come. JINIS will and must always be a school to meet its vision: to produce young adults who are mindful, passionate upstanding and prepared to make a difference to the world in the future. I truly hope and firmly believe this will be the case.

Nicholas Gunn, Headmaster JINIS

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