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May I wish our school community and friends a very Happy New Year!

The winter holiday season is always a time to reflect on the year that has passed, as well as set professional and personal goals for the year to come.

For JINIS, 2020 will be a significant year with the team and students writing the first chapter, in what I hope, will be a long and successful story. As with all things in life, ability is very important but having the right attitude is essential. Our journey over the coming months, will no doubt suffer some bumps in the road, but it will be the manner in how we respond to these challenges that will shape who we are and what we become as a school.

The best boarding schools are places where collective care and mutual respect for one and all are highly valued and practiced, and where everyone challenges each other to be the best they can be both as a learner and as a person. They are places where friends, relationships and memories are created to last a lifetime and where everyone fully commits to all that they do. Our dreams for JINIS will not become a reality overnight but we always aspire to reach the high standards that have been set from day one.

As for my personal targets, I seem to set myself the same resolutions each year of firstly, losing some weight (…and yes I failed at that again last year) and secondly, to try a hundred new things. With such an exciting year ahead at school and so much to do and enjoy, I may just be in with a chance of achieving all my goals this year…we will see!

Whatever 2020 brings you, on behalf of the school, I wish you both health and happiness.

Best wishes,

Nicholas Gunn

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