Vision, Mission and Aims

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Vision, Mission and Aims


For our community to offer the passion, skills and personal qualities to make a positive contribution in the world.


The Mission of Jinseki International School is to inspire a love for learning and sense of belonging for children from around the world in a warm family atmosphere. We promote the traditional Japanese values of respect, responsibility, honesty and politeness coupled with an appreciation for the natural world. We strive to meet the individual needs and aspirations of our pupils, preparing them to be become responsible global citizens having formed friendships for life.

CORE values

Nurturing friendships and fostering courage to embrace the future..

Jinseki International School
Features Outline

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    We strive to acquire knowledge and skills,
    driven by our curiosity and desire to deepen our understanding of the world and foster a spirit of lifelong learning.

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    We are responsible for our words and actions as community members.

  • 03


    We respect cultural diversity and different ways of thinking,
    and strive to be true to ourselves and to others.

  • 04


    We have the courage to express our thoughts and to initiate new actions for the community.

Upon graduation, pupils will possess the English language and communication skills necessary to enter not only public or state secondary schools in Japan, but also English-language boarding schools anywhere in the world.

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