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Teaching position

General description

Successful applicants will serve with foreign staff in teams of two and, as class teachers, will be heavily involved in tuition and management of small classes consisting of 6 – 12 primary school pupils.

Specific roles:

  • Class management and teaching in their capacity as class teachers
  • Liaison with foreign staff
  • Education in the broad sense, including pastoral care

Eligibility requirements

Persons interested in global education who hold, or are due to receive, a primary school teaching license.

  1. Has graduated from university or graduate school.
  2. Currently holds, or is due to receive, a primary school teaching license.
  3. Has a good understanding of global education.
  4. Is knowledgeable about the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
  5. Identifies with the school’s philosophy and can bring passion to the job.
  6. Has everyday English conversation ability
  7. Has basic knowledge of how to use a PC.

Working hours

Variable working hours over a one-year period (average of 40 hours per week).


Annual salary (to be determined based on experience, age, previous salary).

Employee benefits

The benefits package includes a housing allowance and assistance with fees for employee children attending Jinseki School.

How to apply

Complete and send the form below. We will contact you within a few days.

Application Form

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