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Our Curriculum

Developing global citizens who can think, learn and act independently are key objectives at Jinseki International School. Given our unique location and boarding school status, learning radiates far beyond the confines of the classroom in an environment that ensures daily stability and consistent support. Our small class sizes ensure a personalised approach to teaching in which every child can prosper.

Our curriculum is based on the International primary school curriculum enriched in an international context covering Japanese National Curriculum objectives. Pupils will receive a rigorous, creative curriculum with specific goals and a focus on investigative learning. This integrated English and Japanese curriculum allows the opportunity to develop pupil’s dual language skills. Lessons will take place in English except when teaching Japanese (Kokugo) for native Japanese speakers and Japanese Studies for non-native speakers. Japanese lessons follow the Japanese Ministry guidelines, whilst Japanese Studies offer a study of language and culture. Social Studies from Grade 5 will be taught in both English and Japanese. For pupils with a different mother tongue language, we will seek, if required, separate external tuition to ensure these language skills are not neglected.

Our boarding environment places a strong focus on developing independence with children taking increasing responsibility for their learning as well as their personal belongings and care.

Jinseki International School (JINIS) is an international boarding school in Japan recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

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