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Chairperson and Advisors

Minako Suematsu

JINIS opened in April 2020 as the country’s first full Junior boarding school, giving children from Japan and other Asian countries the experience and intellectual curiosity they need to be successful on a global stage. Drawing on the culture, arts and ethics of its host country, the school’s faculty and staff, including house parents, work around the clock to meet the potential of each child.

JINIS is committed to providing children with the foundational skills and mindset to create their own futures in a rapidly changing world.

Chairperson and Publisher, The Japan Times, Ltd.
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Minako Suematsu received a master’s degree from Gakushuin University Graduate School. She then started up an Internet-related business, getting involved in website production and online marketing.
In 2001, she established News2u Corporation as a company promoting Internet advertising. In 2017, she became CEO of News2u Holdings, Inc. In June 2017, Minako became representative director, chairperson, and publisher of The Japan Times, which celebrated its 120th anniversary of its inaugural issue and has reported on the current situation in Japan as well as global trends as “Japan’s window to the world.”

News2u Holdings, Inc.: CEO
Next Educational Environment Development Inc.: Managing Director
Miroku no Sato Japanese Language School, International Institute of Culture: Chairperson


Michael Rob Gray

JINIS is the first full junior boarding school in Japan and is set to become one of the most prestigious schools of its kind. For those of us committed to boarding schools, this type of education has always been missing in Japan – indeed, in Asia generally. JINIS is inspired by the finest schools in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA where excellence rests upon the complete educational experience that only the best boarding schools can provide.

Yet JINIS is more than that since it also provides a bilingual Japanese-English education with respect for the two languages and the strengths of the different educational curricula and cultures that go with them. In this, it draws upon the experience of a number of international schools and particularly of Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland where I was Head for 17 years. I am proud to be associated with this ground-breaking initiative.

Michael Robert (Rob) Gray graduated from Cambridge University (UK), and then worked as a teacher and Head in schools and universities in Spain, the UK, France, and Brussels. He was Head Master and Deputy Director-general of Le Rosey, Switzerland’s leading boarding school, from 2002 to 2019 and remains a member of the General Director.
Le Rosey is almost certainly the most international boarding school in the world. Over 100 of its 440 pupils are from Asia, and Le Rosey has a long tradition of welcoming Japanese students.
He is a passionate believer in the benefits of a boarding school education and of the importance of balance between rigorous but forward-looking academics, the creative arts, sport and personal development.
He has published a number of articles, given presentations at international conferences and has been on several international inspection and accreditation visits.

John Baugh

Jinseki International School (JINIS) is a school that prepares children for life in so many ways. Whilst ensuring that the highest academic standards are achieved, children grow socially and emotionally in a caring and special boarding environment. The School is intentionally small in order to cater for each child’s personal needs and they grow to understand that learning comes in all shapes and sizes.

It is a school where children learn how to learn, rather than just what to learn, where children learn that service and leadership are linked – that it is only by learning to serve does one learn to lead; where children learn to balance the heat of competition with the good grace of sportsmanship; where children learn that showing kindness and consideration for others is a sign of strength of character not a weakness.

In this world, where size is everything and consumerisation is such a powerful force, it is a joy to find a school that places children at the centre and learning at the heart of everything.

Has over thirty years’ experience as a Headmaster in UK. Solefield School, Sevenoaks (1986-1997), Edge Grove, Herts. (1997-2002) the Dragon School, Oxford, (2002-2017).He is currently Executive Director of St Andrew’s School, Turi, Kenya. (2018-) Member of the Independent Preparatory Schools Association (IAPS) Governing Council and Chairperson of their Education Committee. He has also been Chairperson of the UK Boarding Schools’ Association. He has undertaken many inspections for the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

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