Our goal

Education Philosophy

Nurturing friendships and fostering the courage to embrace the future

Basics of Education

Nurturing five abilities in children

  • The ability to use the five senses
  • The ability to learn and explore what they want to know
  • The ability to express and convey their own ideas
  • The ability to accept and appreciate diversity
  • The ability to believe in and respect the people around them

Jinseki International School
Features Outline

  • 01

    An environment that celebrates diversity

    Classes in both English and Japanese

  • 02

    An environment to learn the language and history of Japan

    Japanese language and history classes by native speakers

  • 03

    An environment that satisfies the curiosity of children

    Availability of experts who will support the curiosity and talents of individual pupils

  • 04

    An environment in which pupils can feel as comfortable as they do at home

    Residence with caring education professionals

  • 05

    An environment that teaches appropriate conduct and manners for an international setting

    Extensive education to cultivate an international mindset in a boarding environment

Upon graduation, pupils will possess the English language and communication skills necessary to enter not only public or state secondary schools in Japan, but also English-language boarding schools anywhere in the world.


Jinseki Kogen is blessed with one of the more exceptional environments in Hiroshima Prefecture. We can offer skiing in the winter and beach activities in the summer, as well as specialised coaching to improve techniques for horseback riding, golf, tennis, football, and other sports.

Culture and Arts

Japanese cultural activities such as flower arrangement, calligraphy, martial arts, pottery, and painting can be mastered in the dedicated facilities on campus. Pupils will also be encouraged to explore their musical talents and learn to play an instrument.

Engagement with agriculture/livestock industry

Not only famous Jinseki beef, Jinseki Kogen has variety of highland vegetables such as konjac and tomato. Children will not only engage with the livestock industry, they will also be able to experience rice farming and the processes of growing and harvesting other crops throughout the seasons.